By creating a safe learning space that uses multi-sensory teaching, we empower children, allowing them to succeed.

By creating a safe learning space that uses multi-sensory teaching, we empower children, allowing them to succeed.

MindWare Academy Now Online!

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Ontario Curriculum & Specialty Programming for Grades 1-8

Now Accepting Enrollment for Fall & Virtual Online Camp

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MindWare Academy Virtual Campus

MindWare Academy is excited to announce our new Virtual Campus.  Designed specifically for families whose children can’t return to school in the fall due to medical/mental health conditions.  Virtual Campus will be a flexible, individually designed course timetable, offering the Ontario Curriculum for Grades 1-8. 


“MindWare’s transition to an online learning environment for the students has been swift, adaptive and nothing short of impressive. The school was a life-changing resource for our family before the pandemic. The teachers and staff at MindWare have not only helped my son learn to read, they taught in such an empathetic way they have cultivated a love of reading in him.

Now that my student is home, they are providing him direction, education, coping skills and social interaction opportunities. As a parent, I appreciate they are providing class instruction time, and social opportunities, craft projects and other out of school activities for the students. Without MindWare, my ability to work from home would be next to impossible.

The teachers with whom we have interacted at MindWare are continuously adapting their teaching strategies and engagement methods to meet the evolving needs of the students. These same skills allow them to continuously adapt and improve the online learning environment. I’m delighted and relieved MindWare has created a 5 week online summer program. The daily structure and social outlet will provide the scaffolding our family needs to have a successful day.

To any parent of a student with learning challenges, or student who is both gifted and challenged, I cannot recommend the customized learning and emotional support experience at MindWare enough.”   Parent of Grade 6 Student


Watch our Virtual Tour!

Click to watch our 3 minute virtual tour of the school.  To find out more about our programming, call Karen Bourgon, Administrator, at 613-806-0377 or email office@mindware.ca.

Book a No Obligation Consultation with our Director of Intake and Student Services

Our online consultation with our Director of Intake and Student Services is designed to give you detailed information about our school and discuss your child’s needs. 

Please call Susan Mancini, Director of Intake and Student Services at 613.882.3449 or email Shelley Holloway, Director & Principal at info@mindware.ca.

Enroll Now for Fall!

Contact us for further information or to book a consultation.  Limited spots available for fall enrollment! Contact Karen Bourgon, Administrator:  613-806-0377/office@mindware.ca or email our Director & Principal, Shelley Holloway at info@mindware.ca.  

Now Accepting Registration for Virtual Summer Camp!

Our Summer Camp begins June 29th in collaboration with Steps and Strides and ACB Learning.  Weekly themes include Nature, Mystery, History, Fantasy and Imagination.  Daily focus on Mindfulness, Art, Language and Steam.

Contact Ashley at ashley@acblearning.ca/613-863-1484 for more information and to register your child.  Limited spots available!


We make a positive difference:

“At the beginning of this year this school was all new to me. I was a new student. I used to go to a different school. I think this school is a lot better than my old school because I get a lot more one on one time with my teachers and I have made a lot more friends.
This school has taught me that I can do whatever I put my mind to and that I am actually smart. My old school never taught me that kind of stuff. My most memorable moment this year is getting to meet all the amazing children at this school.
At the beginning of the year I was worried that I wouldn’t make any friends.
This has been the best year ever!”
~ Sydney Bearss, Former Student. Published in the Ottawa Citizen

“Finding out about your school was a pure blessing for our family. We watched our son be bullied due to his ‘differences’. Attending MindWare was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. He went on to re-integrate into the Public School system and finished high school in 4 years. He still speaks of the school regularly”

~ Parents of a former student who has since graduated from college


Nonverbal Learning Disabilities


Asperger’s Syndrome


Dyslexia and Other Disorders


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Our Founder

“Mindware is founded on the belief that all children deserve the help they need to reach their potential.”

Shelley Holloway, Mindware Academy


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